5 Smart Technologies for Home to Save Money

5 Smart Technologies for Home to Save Money

Six out of seven householders show their interest in this modern, growing phenomenon which is gifted to control lighting, HVAC, gadgets and security automatically. Cloud-Based systems have made technology low-ended and attainable.

But it is very important to actually understand the concept behind smart home techs and make sure whether they are helpful or not. Smart home technology is all about managing your home well using varies gadgets and electronic devices.

Following are the five affordable smart-home technologies of the year 2013:

Programmed Thermostat

How about your bill reduces down? How about having a system which shows real “Care” for you?
Thermostat technology is truly bill-friendly and very sensitive for householders too. A big part of your bills comes from cooling or heating processes; programmable thermostats control it efficiently and rid you away from heavy bills.

Thermostats keep up your home’s temperature without being expensive. They settle your home’s temperature themselves; it even knows when you sleep or get up and adjusts temperature according to your routine. You could even set temperature of your want while staying outside home. “Nest” is a popular thermostat in market with outstanding performance and functionality.

Monitors & Power-timers

Monitors and power timers save your time and money if you know the best time to run your devices and gadgets. There are bundles of monitoring devices out now that do favors for you. They tell you how much energy you avail and which device consumes the lowest amount even. This information then helps you to set power-timers for larger appliances like attics, spas or hot-tubs etc and switch them off when needed.

Shift to Solar-Powered devices

Larger solar panel technology is not an intelligible idea to invest in for householder instantly. It is not even as affordable as it sounds like. Shift to solar-powered products for a canny start. There are varies devices out now like patios, outdoor lightening, solar-lights, porches and so on.

Once you are ready to befriend sun, go for solar panels for the entire home. It is inexpensive relatively and has more advantages. However, there are some complications also like if your home does not consumes a lot of electricity or it is located at a place where sun rays rarely reach, installing solar panels will not be profitable.

Motion Sensors & Occupation Detector

Occupation detectors and motion sensors are your home maintainers. They take care of your home by monitoring lights and other appliances on your behalf. They help in turning off the extra lights, sound systems, televisions, curling irons, candle warmers and other electronic equipment to save energy and money.

Personal devices like cellular phone remote controls could also be used to monitor them manually. This saves you from paying heavy bills for extra utility. Light occupancy detectors do the same job.

Prevent water from being wasted

Tank-less water heaters are modern energy-saving appliances which are smarter than the old-school heater or non-insulated pipes that waste a large amount of energy. Tank-less water heater favors homes with more water usage only so the before opting you must ask an expert first. It does not favor those areas even where gas is costly.

Most people have habit of wasting water by taking long showers. Now you can control this habit by buying a new device called “Water Pebble”. It is fixed at the bottom of your shower. It goes green than yellow and ultimately red like a street light to warn you that water limit has ended, during shower.

These five smart home technologies work wonders by saving both your time and money. Moreover, they also portray about your way of living too. Bring these five products into your life and change your life style without an upscale investment.

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