5 Tips to Become a Responsible Shopper

5 Tips to Become a Responsible Shopper

If the financial crisis has taught us anything at all, then it is the fact that all our actions are interdependent and whatever we do has an impact. It is important to realize that we are responsible individually for what we see around use. We can take individual steps to bring about a positive change in our environment. Being an ethical shopper is just of the many ways in which we can contribute to building a fair and ethical society. Below are some useful tips that can help us become ethical shoppers and influence the practices of those whom we offer our patronage.

Move Over to Another Bank

It is no secret that banks are responsible for much of the mess and exploitation we see around us. Keeping your money at these banks leads you to indirectly supporting them. You can take a stand by withdrawing your money from these banks and deposit them with more ethical institutions. Examples are mutual funds and building societies since they have a fairer structure and ethical lending practices. Another good option is to invest in cooperatives since they are more democratic.

Switch Over to Green Power

You can become a more ethical shopper if you opt for green power. They make more ethical use of the environment by using renewable energy resources to produce power. This has a less harmful impact on the environment.

Change Who You Buy From

Most of the conventional retailers and brands are owned by investors and the profits from what they sell land up in their pockets. For these owners, employees and workers are a cost that needs to be kept to a minimum. When you buy from these companies, you actually help them to enforce low wages and poor working conditions for employees. On the other hand, cooperatives are collectively owned by the workers, which helps to ensure ethical treatment and fair remuneration for the workers.

Cooperatives produce several types of goods from food products to electronic appliances. They also follow fair trade practices. Hence, by switching over to cooperatives, you are actually encouraging fair treatment of employees and natural resources.

Environment-Friendly Transportation

Give up the habit of driving to the supermarket for your groceries and use your bicycle instead. It is good exercise apart from being environmentally-friendly. The world could do without the extra carbon fumes that your car discharges into the atmosphere.

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