eTouch Menu Improves ROI for Restaurants

eTouch Menu Improves ROI for Restaurants

The eTouchMenu allows a tabletop iPad or a freestanding kiosk to display an entire interactive menu with high-definition images. The system displays promotions and automatically offers suggestions to the customer for add-on items. The restaurant menu can be programmed for several language options.

A POS provider, eTouchMenu, displayed a kiosk that notifies order takers’ handhelds to take orders from one section of the restaurant to another.

ROI Is Critical for Your Restaurant

With so much at stake to ensure a product not only reaches consumers but delivers the revenue goals to keep it viable, it’s no wonder calculating return on investment (ROI) on the merchandising displays and kiosks that market these goods is a necessary, though sometimes difficult, endeavor. Not only must marketing and merchandising teams keep in mind the different measurement standards on which to base the definition of successful merchandising, but they must also determine what hard factors play a role in estimating budgets for these display campaigns.

To simplify the process, a basic Return on Merchandising Investment (ROMI) calculator can benefit decision makers who want to feel confident their display and kiosk projects will offer the best value for the dollars spent. Read on to learn about outlining measurement standards and how to use our simple ROMI formula to help estimate cost and revenue baselines.

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