How to Eliminate Gaps with Cosmetic Dentistry?

How to Eliminate Gaps with Cosmetic Dentistry?

A confident smile always reflects a person’s personality and appeals everybody in the world. However, there are people who hold their smile as they are displeased or embarrassed by their teeth appearance. Severe space or gap in between the teeth is named as Diastema in cosmetic dentistry. Usually, diastema is found among the upper two front incisors.

Steps involved in removing the gap:

  • Once you are determined to close the gapped tooth through cosmetic dentistry, collect information about the latest treatment. Further, the cost is expensive and the complete expense may not be covered through dental insurance.
  • Visit an orthodontist is essential as a first step and he can easily decide whether braces application will give long term benefits or not.
  • Once decided, braces are applied as fractional or complete, through cosmetic dentistry.
  • Periodic tightening of the braces is significant to pull the gap together.
  • Within a few months, cosmetic dentistry guarantee to give the desired result, although you need to wear night retainer for a long time, once braces are taken away.
  • The retainer prevents from re-forming gap or shifting back of teeth.

The above defined steps will definitely help you to smile with charm, confidence and beauty!

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