Kitchen Redecorating Ideas

Kitchen Redecorating Ideas

Want to give your house a fresh look . Why not start from the kitchen. Most of the time, people remain obsessed with redecorating the living room or the bathroom, but tend to ignore the kitchen. For many, the kitchen is just a functional area and does not need a lot of investment in terms of decoration. How wrong can that be! Changing the look of your kitchen helps you feel better about working there and if done wisely, it can save you both time and money. Below are a few simple and inexpensive tips that you can try this year to give your kitchen a fresh look.

Paint Those Walls

When was the last time you changed the wallpaper in your kitchen? How long have you had the same white paint on your kitchen walls? This year, you need to take a break from the monotony and paint your kitchen walls in bright new colours. Yes, wallpapering is out and so are bland muted colours for the kitchen.

Make your kitchen a lively place by painting those walls in bright colours that make the place stand out. Take out those colour samples and choose the colour you have always wanted. You do not even need to get a professional for the job. If you have handled a brush before, you can get it painted yourself.

Get the Cottage Kitchen Look This Year

The cottage kitchen look is the one to go for. The cabinets have been around for longer than they should be and it is high time for them to go away. Replacing your kitchen cabinets with shelves is a great idea. It not only adds more space to the walls, but it also makes things much more accessible because you can see everything right in front of you.

If stripping away the cabinets and installing new shelves in their place is not what you can afford, you can get the cottage kitchen look by simply removing the cabinet doors and putting them away. This will not cost anything and you can do it yourself. You can paint the insides of your cabinets in unique colours to set off your dishes and jars.

Make Your Own Backsplash

You do not have to get invest in new tiles to get a new back splash for your kitchen this year. Garden stone tiles are cheaper and can add character to your kitchen, giving you a sense of the outdoors right inside your kitchen. You can install it yourself with the help of some cement and glue.

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